Sinzu Denies Being Debit Card Fraudster


Popular Nigerian rapper, Sinzu, formerly known as Sauzekid, has denied being the man in a video allegedly engaging in an ATM fraud in the United States of America (USA).

Sinzu disclosed this to Tosin Adeda, who contacted him on the matter. Sinzu said he was not the man being wanted by security operatives in the US for an alleged debit card fraud as speculated in some quarters.

“It ain’t me,” was Sinzu’s response to an inquiry by Tosin on the allegations.

It was reported sometimes ago in the US that a man is being wanted for withdrawing money from a victim’s bank account at an ATM in Walgreen’s store on 8535 South Braeswood, Southwest Houston on March 2, 2014.


My Wife Talks Too Much–2Shotz


Top Nigerian rapper, 2Shotz has disclosed that his wife, Precious talks too much and he would wish God works something out for him if he gets the chance.

The heavily-bearded music act revealed this to Punch in an interview. 2Shotz said even though at the time he met his wife, he was never interested in any relationship, but that their synergy got them together which ended up in marriage.

His wife, who said that she met the rapper on Twitter, pointed out that she is gradually trying to understand her husband. She admitted that 2Shotz is very stubborn and is deeply rooted in the Igbo culture.

2Shotz, while responding to a question which sought to know what he would want to be changed about his wife, said, “her mouth. You know how women talk, they are never satisfied.”

On her part, replying to the same question, “that I don’t like certain things about him does not mean I can’t live with it. But I will like him to be less stubborn. He is an Igbo man who is deeply rooted in the Igbo culture which makes him think in a certain way. At times, he is not willing to bend the rules just to make it happen. I am just learning the values and tradition of my people.”

2Shotz and Precious got married on April 12, 2013.


Eja Nla To Koko Garri, D’Banj Where is Groundnut?


In the past two years of ‘silence’, the kokomaster has in fact released songs after songs. The problem is, all have been uniformly dreadful. D’banj may still be raking in millions of naira, but the quality of his music is giving fans and pundits cause for concern.

In February 2011, the remix of music superstar D’banj’s hit, Mr. Endowed burst onto the collective consciousness of Nigerians. In the accompanying video was his longtime collaborator, partner and friend, Don Jazzy, gently nodding and swaying, true to his style. Also present was ageless rap veteran and lackadaisical charmer, Snoop Dogg – who was christened OluwaSnoop – and who professed love for “my nephew D’banj from Nigeria”. Eja Nla (Yoruba for ‘big fish’), as the Nigerian would come to be known later, had landed himself a really big fish.

Everyone gushed about the alluring video vixen, the wad of dollar bills used as rolls of toilet paper and how good the trio looked together. It would go on to be the definitive moment for D’banj’s international career which blossomed after the release of Oliver Twist, the single that would go on to become a UK Top Ten hit the next summer.

In June 2011, after months of speculations and rumours, rapper and agent provocateur Kanye West signed both Don Jazzy & D’banj to G.O.O.D Music. The latter featured in the label’s compilation EP, Cruel Summer, making a cameo appearance even in the video for Mercy, alongside fellow label mates Pusha T, Big Sean and of course West. Furthermore, fans were treated to a surprise appearance from Yeezy at the Koko concert in London. With the unprecedented success of the Oliver Twist single and the announcement of international deals, first with Mercury Island Records and then Sony Music, it seemed like D’banj had finally struck gold.

The kokomaster’s success had an expiry date, it seems. The magic that truly captivated everyone– from designer Giuseppe Zanotti who once sent him a custom-built pair of sneakers, to reality TV star Kenya Moore who allegedly paid $40,000 to have D’banj pose as her boyfriend – is withering away. His recent singles have not been as infectious as their predecessors were and since Oliver Twist, not one has been as big a hit as any of those released in the era of the defunct Mo’Hits. Even G.O.O.D Music, it seems, has parted ways with the flamboyant entertainer.

In his two years’ with the label, there was neither a tour with Kanye nor a major collaboration. There was the forgettable track with Big Sean and Pusha T who performed in Nigeria, the sub-par verses from Yeezy himself on the Scapegoat remix and vocal credits of a line or less on the Cruel Summer EP. Save for those and the Yeezy cameos – at the London Koko concert and in the Oliver Twist video – D’banj seemed to be on the label’s roster only in name.

Was the deal worth the hype? Should D’banj have listened to advice from partner Don Jazzy and strengthened his hold on the home front before attempting to break new grounds in the US? “Looking back, it almost seems like it was a huge publicity stunt because there is really nothing to show for it”, argues Arinze Obikili, US-based blogger and founder of “When you compare it with 2face who collaborated with T-Pain, and featured on another song with him and Akon,” explains Arinze who is known in Nigerian social media circles as Aribaba, “and Wizkid who is rumored to be on a song with Young Jeezy and The Game, you see that D’banj pretty much wasted two good years with Kanye, going for something that he could have attempted by himself”.

Furthermore, his usually high performance ratings have been inconsistent – there was the lacklustre performance in Zimbabwe where he was booed off stage as he ran out of popular songs to perform. Raise Your Glasses, the Hennessy Artistry song has not fared well. His single, Bother You, for the soundtrack of the film adaptation of Half of a Yellow Sun is as cheesy as it is unspectacular, with ThisDay writer, Ayodeji Rotinwa commenting: “Were I not judging it per its mesh with the movie, I’d call it a fine piece of sonic rubbish. I daresay it even falls under D’banj’s customarily low standards.” Indeed, save for that octane-level verse on the groovy remix of Naeto C’s Tony Montana, nothing new from the kokomaster has really stuck.

The Koko Music Empire is on the verge of disintegration and its head honcho has turned to his business ventures to save face, launching products as random and diverse as garri and mobile phones. It doesn’t end there, however. According to a reliable industry source, D’banj literally begged to be featured on songs by KCee and up-comer Burna Boy (Emmah and Won Da Mo respectively) to ‘stay relevant’ in the industry. Both acts established themselves as A-list stars in the three years in which Eja Nla bustled back and forth between Nigeria, the UK and the US.

Critics have argued that it might be hard for the ‘ailing’ superstar to survive for the next decade in the music business without descending into the dredges of obscurity. An A&R for a popular Nigerian music label posits that this may not be the case. “Even though I’ve questioned his relevance as an artiste a lot lately, I realize that we Nigerian listeners love ‘unserious’ music and D’banj is just that. He is no conscious artiste trying to save the world through music, so for that reason, he’ll probably last – if he has the right team behind him”.


terry g

Terry G: Nigerians Don’t Appreciate Good Music, My Madness Is A Brand


Ginjah Master, cum entrepreneur, Terry G, whose real name is Amanyi Oche Gabriel, has expressed his sadness for the fact that Nigerians do not accept RnB music but prefers commercial hits.

According to Terry G, he said that he got frustrated after releasing his first single and he did not get wide accolades on the song, so he decided to strategies in other to penetrate the Nigerian market.

“What gives me inspiration is frustration. I was frustrated; I used to sing r’n’b songs just like my fans that were following from the beginning would know. I tried to do good music but it didn’t put food on my table, so frustration came up and frustration gave me a sign. A sign that you have to make money through frustration. Right now I’m being termed a mad man because I make money through madness”.

Terry G, has released a lot of hit tracks and currently is tapping into other avenues to source for income towards contributing to the growth of the country. He is currently test-running his sachet water distribution and plans to introduce his dispenser and fruit juice.


Guess Who Is Forbes’ Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artist Of 2014 [PHOTO]


Forbes released their annual ‘Forbes Five: Hip Hop’s Wealthiest Artist 2014′ list, and surprisingly Sean Combs aka Diddy aka Puff Daddy takes the lead with $700 million dollars following behind is super producer Dr. Dre with $550 Million. Jay Z takes third place with a reported $520 Million. View list below.

1. Diddy ($700 Million) 2. Dr.Dre ($550 Million) 3. Jay Z ($520 Million) 4. Birdman ($160 Million) 5. 50 Cent ($140 Million)

wizkid manager

I Wasted My Time With You But No Regrets At All–WizKid’s Manager Tells Him


Nigerian recording Afro-pop artist Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, popularly known as WizKid, has parted ways with his Former Manager called Godwin Tom.

The duo separated after a dispute they had over the weekend. A lot of people who knew the two together had said,Godwin was a loyal Manager to Wizkid and always at his beck and call,and often times, have seen Godwin carry Wizkid’s bag, changed outfits, open the car doors for him and so on.

Their disagreement started on the 11th of April, after they returned from Dubai, where WizKid performed at the Former President of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar’s, son’s wedding.

“I’m loyal and patient, not stupid…I’m on the move and I can’t look back… No regrets at all! Wasted time, I can’t get that back so everyday I go hard” Godwin took to social media to pour out his feelings.

He further went on to say, “When you sleep in a bed of thorns and roses, you learn to adjust, to stay still, to endure hurt and pain, but most important you learn to appreciate a bed without thorns…there is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough!”

However, both parties have since removed each other’s name and contact from their various social media pages – Wizkid has put up a new contact, Seun Johnson for his bookings.

Also, singer Waje has removed his contact from her social media pages; she now has a new management team – Wildflower PR!


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